1911 Census

The 1911 census was taken on 2nd April.    Details that were recorded:

  • Name and Surname
  • Relationship: to head of family
  • Age: last Birthday and Sex
  • Particulars as to Marriage: Married/Single, completed years of present marriage, Children born alive, Children still living, Children who have died
  • Particulars or Occupation: Persons aged 10 years and upwards
  • Birthplace: of every person
  • Nationality: of every person born in a Foreign Country
  • Infirmity

Not all this information is included in the table below. Should you require any further details, please contact us. The original census was very difficult to read and in John Thorpe’s transcription the names have been interpreted as he knows them.

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SchName of PersonRelation toMarried/AgeProfession or OccupationBirthplace
  HeadSingle  County – Parish
1Watson ParsonsHeadMarried46Market GardenerN’hants – Wansford
 Martha ParsonsWifeMarried43 Hunts – Stibbington 
 Thomas Davey ParsonsSon 11 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Charles ParsonsSon 7 N’hants – Woodnewton
 George Albert ParsonsSon 5 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Hilda Mary ParsonsDaughter 3 N’hants – Woodnewton
2Samuel William FennHeadMarried30FarmerN’hants – Nassington
 Elizabeth FennWifeMarried25 Hunts – Holme
 Samuel William FennSon 3 months N’hants – Woodnewton
3Eusebius HerapathHeadMarried74GardenerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Rebecca HerapathWifeMarried53 N’hants – Bainton
 Kathlene HerapathAdopted  Daughter 4 Lincs – Stamford
4Harriet JacksonHeadSingle72PensionerN’hants – Woodnewton
5Fred WalkerHeadMarried46Market GardenerHunts – Stibbington
 Mary Jane WalkerWifeMarried46 N’hants – Thornhaugh
 John Victor WalkerSon 4 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Ruby Isabel WalkerDaughter 2 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Eliza WalkerMotherWidow82 Cambs – Thorney
6Arthur SharmanHeadMarried36Farm LabourerN’hants – Apethorpe
 Julia SharmanWifeMarried36 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Ethel FitzjohnDaughterSingle17 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Harvey FitzjohnSon 14 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Millicent SharmanDaughter 11 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Harry SharmanSon 8 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Edith SharmanDaughter 5 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Eric SharmanSon 3 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Leonard SharmanSon 1 month N’hants – Woodnewton
7George SkinnerHeadWidower79 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Mary Jane Ford Widow58CharwomanN’hants – Woodnewton
 William FordBoarderSingle56General LabourerN’hants
8Jane WiseHeadWidow71Midwife (Certificated)N’hants – Nassington
 Marian BellairsDaughterMarried40 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Charles Lewis BellairsSonSingle29Wood LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
9John JacobsHeadMarried39Market GardenerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Jane JacobsWifeMarried32 N’hants – Nassington
 Hilda Mary SharmanBoarderSingle22School Teacher (CC)Hunts – Yaxley
10John Samuel FitzjohnHeadMarried27Market Gardener & FarmerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Georgina FitzjohnWifeMarried24 Northumberland – Heburn
11James ComptonHeadMarried25Horseman On FarmN’hants – Woodnewton
 Ellen ComptonWifeMarried20 Beds – Cranfield
 George ComptonSon 2 N’hants – Woodnewton
 James ComptonSon 5 months N’hants – Woodnewton
12Charles WrightHeadMarried78Carpenter (Retired)/PensionerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Eliza WrightWifeMarried76PensionerN’hants – Southwick
 Caroline WrightDaughterSingle42Domestic ServantN’hants – Woodnewton
 William WrightSonWidower40General LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Alice WrightG-Daughter 10At SchoolN’hants – Woodnewton
 Ernest WrightG-Son 8At SchoolN’hants – Woodnewton
 Caroline HarperG-DaughterSingle20 N’hants – Woodnewton
13William HarperHeadMarried51Farm LabourerN’hants – Cotterstock
 Mary Amelia HarperWifeMarried51 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Harriet HarperDaughterSingle24 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Charles William HarperSonSingle14Farm WorkN’hants – Woodnewton
 Evelyn Maul HarperGrandchild 3At SchoolN’hants – Woodnewton
14Mary MatthewsonHeadSingle42Elementary School Teacher (CC)Norfolk – Hevingham
 Daisy HarperServantSingle15Domestic ServantN’hants – Woodnewton
15Alfred Gridlestone BagshawHeadMarried36Clergyman (C of E)N’hants – Nassington
 Margaret Eveline BagshawWifeMarried28 Newcastle Upon Tyne
 Margaret Agnes BagshawDaughter 9 Months  
 Lilian LittleServantSingle28Domestic CookCheshire
 Alice May HooperServantSingle17Domestic NurseWilts -Market Lavington
 Elizabeth TrayfordServantSingle14Domestic HousemaidN’hants – Woodnewton
16Sydney SpademanHeadMarried56Market GardenerLincs – Stamford
 Sarah A SpademanWifeMarried60 Rutland – Uppingham
 Florence M SpademanDaughterSingle27 N’hants – Easton On The Hill
 Albert SpademanSonSingle21Working In GardensN’hants – Kings Cliffe
 Eleanor SpademanDaughterSingle18Pupil Teacher (N’hants CC)N’hants – Woodnewton
17George TrayfordHeadMarried44Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Mary Ann TrayfordWife 40 N’hants – Woodnewton
 James Edward TrayfordSon 13 N’hants -Bulwick Lodges
 Fanny Eliza TrayfordDaughter 12 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Emily Ann TrayfordDaughter 10 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Margaret Ellen TrayfordDaughter 11 Months N’hants – Woodnewton
18Elizabeth Ann BrianHeadWidow69 N’hants -Fotheringhay
19Clara PridmoreHeadWidow55 N’hants -Kings Cliffe
 John William PridmoreSonSingle22General LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Samuel BatemanBoarderWidower49General LabourerHunts -Alconbury Weston
 William AbbotBoarderSingle20General LabourerHunts -Stilton
20James ComptonHeadMarried50Farm LabourerN’hants – Nassington
 Mary E Compton WifeMarried49 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Richard ComptonSonSingle23Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 John ComptonSonSingle20Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Percy ComptonSonSingle18Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Beatrice ComptonDaughter 12 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Louisa ComptonDaughter 10 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Charles ComptonSon 7 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Elsie ComptonDaughter 5 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Alfred ComptonSon 3 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Marion ComptonDaughter 10 Months N’hants – Woodnewton
21George Henry PridmoreHeadMarried29Waggoner On FarmN’hants – Glapthorne
 Maggie PridmoreWifeMarried24 N’hants – Oundle
 Grace Ann PridmoreDaughter 1 N’hants – Stoke Doyle
 Alfred Samuel PridmoreSon 5 Months N’hants – Woodnewton
 Alfred HankinsBoarderSingle23General LabourerN’hants – Stoke Doyle
22George HullHeadMarried36Stockman On FarmN’hants – Woodnewton
 Margaret HullWifeMarried22 N’hants – Woodnewton
23John William CollinHeadMarried43Market GardenerN’hants – Easton On The Hill
 Emily Frances CollinWifeMarried35 N’hants – Woodnewton
 John Samuel CollinSon 12At SchoolN’hants – Woodnewton
 Frank Silvester CollinSon 10At SchoolN’hants – Woodnewton
 Charlotte Emily Jane CollinDaughter 8At SchoolN’hants – Woodnewton
 Dora Isabel CollinDaughter 7At SchoolN’hants – Woodnewton
 Violet Annie Priscilla CollinDaughter 6At SchoolN’hants – Woodnewton
 Reginald CollinSon 2 N’hants – Woodnewton
24George Henry FitzjohnHeadMarried31Market GardenerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Maud Mary FitzjohnWifeMarried27 N’hants – Kings Cliffe
25Thomas BallHeadSingle65Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
26Sarah GynnHeadWidow83PensionerLincs -Dunsby
27John ScotneyHeadMarried43Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Ada Elizabeth ScotneyWifeMarried35 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Ada Elizabeth ScotneyDaughter 9 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Eliza Annie ScotneyDaughter 2 N’hants – Woodnewton
28David PridmoreHeadMarried32Mason and BricklayerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Gertrude PridmoreWifeMarried29  Lincs
 Albert Edward PridmoreSon 10 Leicestershire -Melton Mowbray
 John William PridmoreSon 7 N’hants
 Gertrude Elizabeth PridmoreDaughter 5 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Margaret Ellen PridmoreDaughter 1 N’hants – Woodnewton
29George Gibbons BosworthHeadMarried34FarmerBedfordshire – Salford
 Emma Jane BosworthWifeMarried34 Bedfordshire – Marsden
 Irene Mary BosworthDaughter 5 N’hants – Woodnewton
 John Gibbons BosworthSon 3 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Louisa Emily White ServantSingle22General ServantBedfordshire – Cranfield
30George StanilandHeadMarried67Coal DealerNottinghanshire – Grove
 Sarah StanilandWifeMarried75 N’hants – Ashton
31James BarfieldHeadMarried49CarpenterN’hants – Woodnewton
 Fanny Eliza BarfieldWifeMarried36 Hunts – Sawtry
 Annie Elizabeth BarfieldDaughterSingle18 Lancs – Standish
 Rosa Emmeline BarfieldDaughterSingle15 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Leonard Samuel BarfieldSon 13 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Dora BarfieldDaughter 11 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Florence BarfieldDaughter 4 N’hants – Woodnewton
32Joseph BarfieldHeadMarried47WheelwrightN’hants – Woodnewton
 Mary Elizabeth BarfieldWifeMarried35 Hunts – Sawtry
 Bertha Sophia BarfieldDaughter 12 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Evelyn Mary BarfieldDaughter 8 N’hants – Woodnewton
33Eliza FirmedowHeadWidow74PublicanLincs – Deeping St James
 Louisa Jane FirmedowDaughterSingle33 N’hants – Woodnewton
34Caroline BurgessHeadWidow42 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Daniel BurgessSonSingle17Working On FarmN’hants – Woodnewton
 Eliza BurgessDaughter 13 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Le(o)nard BurgessG-Son 9 Months N’hants – Woodnewton
35George GilbertHeadMarried64Boot RepairerN’hants – Northampton
 Elizabeth GilbertWifeMarried63 N’hants – Northampton
 Isabel GilbertDaughterSingle22 N’hants – Northampton
36Charles WadeHeadMarried74BakerN’hants – Kings Cliffe
 Anne WadeWifeMarried67 N’hants – Nassington
 Charles Henry WadeSonSingle34BakerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Sara WilsonVisitorSingle65 N’hants – Nassington
37Thomas WellsHeadMarried49Harness MakerN’hants – Glinton
 Annie Elizabeth WellsWifeMarried43 Lincs – Deeping St James
 Conrad William WellsSonSingle20Harness MakerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Lily WellsDaughter 16 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Mildred WellsDaughter 8 N’hants – Woodnewton
 William GarnerNephew 16AssistantLincs – Deeping St James
38Mary Ann LindseyHeadWidow56Inn KeeperLincs – Donington
39Daniel SmithHeadWidower28 BlacksmithHunts – Elton
 Albert ParsonsBoarderSingle14Working On FarmN’hants – Woodnewton
40Herbert WrightHeadMarried43(Journeyman) Estate CarpenterN’hants – Woodnewton
 Roseanna WrightWifeMarried46 N’hants – Corby
 Gladys Evelyn WrightDaughter 13At SchoolN’hants – Woodnewton
 Herbert Gancel WrightSon 10At SchoolN’hants – Woodnewton
 Jessie WrightDaughter 7At SchoolN’hants – Woodnewton
41William HullHeadWidower72Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
42Samuel MorrisHeadWidower62Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Sam MorrisSonSingle18Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
43Ezekiel Sculthorpe DesbrowHeadWidower72SurveyorN’hants – Woodnewton
44John HullHeadMarried75O.A.P.N’hants – Woodnewton
 Mary HullWifeMarried73O.A.P.N’hants – Woodnewton
45James HullHeadMarried45Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Eliza HullWifeMarried40 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Thomas SmithSonSingle20Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 John HullSon 13Working On FarmPeterborough – Marholm
 Bertha HullDaughter 10 N’hants – Woodnewton
 James HullSon 9 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Herbert HullSon 8 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Harold HullSon 5 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Hilda HullDaughter 3 N’hants – Woodnewton
46William LockHeadWidower50General LabourerN’hants – Nassington
 Elizabeth LockMotherWidow77 Hunts – Elton
 George LockSon 19Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Fred LockSon 17Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Mabel LockDaughter 13Domestic ServantN’hants – Woodnewton
 Ethel LockDaughter 6 N’hants – Nassington
47Edward MoysieHeadMarried28Domestic GardenerHunts – Holme
 Alice Mary MoysieWifeMarried25 Leic – East Norton
 George Edward John MoysieSon 2 N’hants – Kings Cliffe
48Joseph DolbyHeadMarried70Publican and FarmerN’hants – Apethorpe
 Mary Elizabeth DolbyWifeMarried55 N’hants – Benefield
 Florence Alice DolbyDaughterSingle25 N’hants – Woodnewton
 William Samuel DolbySonSingle23Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Harry DolbySonSingle17Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
49Frederick JacksonHeadMarried44BakerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Mary Jane JacksonWifeMarried49 N’hants – Kings Cliffe
 William JacksonSonSingle14 N’hants – Woodnewton
50Angelina MorrisHeadSingle53DressmakerN’hants – Woodnewton
51Alfred CollinHeadMarried41Bricklayer and MasonN’hants – Easton On The Hill
 Annie CollinWifeMarried41 N’hants – Barnwell
 Dorothy CollinDaughter 13At SchoolN’hants – Woodnewton
 Hilda CollinDaughter 11At SchoolN’hants – Woodnewton
 May CollinDaughter 8 N’hants – Woodnewton
52Mary Jane WiseHeadSingle54 N’hants – Woodnewton
53Benjamin HullHeadMarried69Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Ann HullWifeMarried66 N’hants – Woodnewton
54Thomas Henry SmithHeadMarried48Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Elizabeth SmithWifeMarried47 N’hants – Kings Cliffe
 William SmithSonSingle21Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 George SmithSonSingle17Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Ethel Mary SmithDaughter 13At SchoolN’hants – Woodnewton
55Edward GilbertHeadMarried37General LabourerN’hants – Northampton
 Charlotte GilbertWifeMarried27 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Elsie Freeman SimmonsS – Daughter 7 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Dorothy GilbertDaughter 5 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Violet GilbertDaughter 4 N’hants – Woodnewton
 William GilbertSon 2 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Leonard GilbertSon 1 N’hants – Woodnewton
56Sophia JollyHeadSingle48 N’hants – Woodnewton
57Florence Sarah JohnsonHeadWidow44FarmerN’hants – Benefield
 Thomas William JohnsonSonSingle22Occupied On FarmN’hants – Apethorpe
 Sybil Gladys JohnsonDaughterSingle18School Teacher (NCC)N’hants – Apethorpe
 Hilda May JohnsonDaughterSingle14At SchoolN’hants – Apethorpe
 Benjamin Chapman JohnsonSonSingle12At SchoolN’hants – Apethorpe
 Emily BaxterSister In LawMarried45HelpN’hants – Apethorpe
 Bessie BaldwinServantSingle13 N’hants – Deenethorpe
58John Samuel MouldHeadMarried44Market GardenerLincolnshire
 Jemima MouldWifeMarried49 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Kathleen Emily MouldDaughter 14 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Frances Vera Letitia MouldDaughter 13 N’hants – Woodnewton
59George William LilleyHeadMarried23Cowman On FarmN’hants – Warmington
 Margaret LilleyWifeMarried22 N’hants – Fotheringhay
 Harold William LilleySon 2 Months N’hants – Woodnewton
60Henry NixHeadMarried77O.A.P.Cambs – Whittlesey
 Elizabeth Anne NixWifeMarried80O.A.P.N’hants – Woodnewton
61Ellen Jacobs Single44StaymakerN’hants – Woodnewton
62Frederick William GreenHeadMarried49Railway Pensioner & Market GardenerN’hants – Roade
 Emily GreenWifeMarried52 N’hants – Ailsworth
 Lois Mary WalkerAdopted Daughter 13At SchoolLondon – Hampton Court
63George Henry Hull Single42Market GardenerN’hants – Woodnewton
64Charles WrightHeadWidower63Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
65George SpademanHeadSingle29FarmerN’hants -Easton On The Hill
 Sydney SpademanBrotherSingle23Foreman on FarmN’hants – Kings Cliffe
 Marian SpademanSisterSingle25HousekeeperN’hants – Easton On The Hill
66Charles KnightHeadMarried33Buider’s LabourerLincs – Grantham
 Gertrude KnightWife Married32 Leicestershire – Frisby
 Walter KnightSon 3 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Herbert ColeBrother In  LawSingle25Builder’s LabourerLeicestershire – Frisby
67Charles SimmonsHeadWidower70Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
68George SandersonHeadMarried62General LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Mary Ann SandersonWifeMarried61 Rutland – South Luffingham
 Samuel ChamberlainBoarderMarried67General LabourerLincs – Moulton
 William SmithBoarderSingle25General LabourerN’hants – Oundle
69Nathaniel LockHeadMarried22Farm LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Emily LockWifeMarried23 N’hants – Fotheringhay
70Thomas MouldHeadMarried53Market GardenerLincs – Ulceby
 Eliza Jane MouldWifeMarried47 Somerset – Nailsea
 Florence MouldDaughterSingle24Elementary School TeacherN’hants – Woodnewton
 Amelia Eliza MouldDaughterSingle22Helper at HomeN’hants – Woodnewton
 William Thomas MouldSonSingle20Helper at HomeN’hants – Woodnewton
 Horace MouldSon 14Helper at HomeN’hants – Woodnewton
71Arthur Walter FoxHeadMarried28Builder’s LabourerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Annie FoxWifeMarried25 N’hants – Fotheringhay
 Mary Elizabeth FoxDaughter 1 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Arthur Walter FoxSon 3 months N’hants – Woodnewton
72George AllcockHeadMarried43DraingerNorfolk – Guist
 Annie AllcockWifeMarried40 Norfolk – Bintree
73William SiddonsHeadMarried75Old Age PensionerN’hants – Yarwell
 Mary SiddonsWifeMarried73Old Age PensionerN’hants – Southwick
74Henry BurgessHeadMarried33Farm LabourerN’hants – Nassington
 Emily BurgessWifeMarried30 Hunts – Elton
 Arthur BurgessSon 7  
 Edith BurgessDaughter 3  
75William BurnhamHeadMarried39WheelwrightLincs – Stamford
 Sarah BurnhamWifeMarried40 Rutland – Exton
 Walter BurnhamSon 10At SchoolLincs – Stamford
 Hubert BurnhamSon 8 Lincs – Stamford
76Edward ParkinsonHeadMarried34Farm LabourerN’hants – Nassington
 Mary ParkinsonWifeMarried31 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Albert ParkinsonSon 8 N’hants – Kettering
 Ralph ParkinsonSon 6 N’hants – Kettering
 Ernest ParkinsonSon 5 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Gladys ParkinsonDaughter 3 Leics – Loughborough
 John ParkinsonSon 1 N’hants – Woodnewton
77Thomas Firmedows Married69FarmerN’hants – Woodnewton
 Mary Ann Firmedows Married64 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Thomas Morris FirmedowsSonSingle30Working On FarmN’hants – Woodnewton
78William LattimoreHeadMarried59Farm YardmanN’hants – Woodnewton
 Jane LattimoreWifeMarried54 N’hants – Woodnewton
 Eliza LattimoreDaughterSingle17 N’hants – Woodnewton