A Plea for Help

The Revd Augustus George Patridge MBE, who was inducted into this Parish in 1935, had recently returned from being a Missionary in Trista Da Cunha. The following  is a copy of the letter he sent to the “Church Times” in 1937.

The Village Church of Our Lady of Woodnewton
(14 Miles from Peterborough. Population 200)

TWO YEARS AGO:  BARE except for chairs filling every inch.  Black stoles.  Mattins II alternate Sundays etc.

Now.  Sung Mass at 9.30 every Sunday.  Blessed Sacrament perpetually Reserved (in a home-made Tabernacle).  Solemn Evensong and Benediction every Sunday evening etc.

In spite of inevitable opposition, one quarter of the villagers have accepted the fullness of the Catholic Faith and Practice.

BUT we need so many things: Tabernacle, Vestments, Chalice and Paten, Ciborium, Hangings and an Electric Organ Blower (Electricity recently installed in church by generosity of the Patron, splendid organ but no one to blow it).

£100 would set us up and restore this church to its former medieval beauty.

THE CONGREGATION is doing its best, but are all farm labourers earning very, very little, and living in such an isolated spot, are only now learning to give; old bad traditions are breaking down; and we have paid quota in full since 1935.  May I be bold enough to ask all those thousands who have heard me speak upon my work at


To answer this appeal and send a Christmas Present to help me in my work here – only a little less “lonely”?

You were interested THEN, and I take this opportunity of thanking you for all you did to help me make that “Lonely Island” an outpost of the Catholic Church.

In some ways the difficulties of my present work are greater.  It is true that the postman calls every day instead of once a year but we have no kind friends to send us our necessities of worship as then you did.


 I cannot afford to make another appeal.


Yours in the Faith


A.G. Partridge

Vicar of Woodnewton, Peterborough