Parish Council Centenary

The Woodnewton Parish Council was formed in December 1894.

The Northamptonshire Association of Local Councils encouraged Local Councils to celebrate the event sometime during 1994. To that end they commissioned a wall plaque made in a non ferrous metal for Parish Councils to purchase.

Woodnewton Parish Council discussed this at a number of meetings as shown below. The examples below are taken from the relevant Minutes of Meeting.

However, Woodnewton Parish Council decided against the purchase of a plaque. Instead it was decided to have a leaflet printed showing a number of walks around Woodnewton. In addition to gather as many past Parish Councillors as could be contacted to have a ‘Day of Celebration’ with an exhibition in the village hall, together with afternoon tea followed by a photographic session to record the event.  Past Councillors not available on the day: T.W.G. Gilbert, J.T.S. Reed, V.S. Butcher, J.S.Pike, N.A. Needs, J.V. Wilson, C. Hicks.

Photographs taken outside Woodnewton Village Hall on 30th April 1994
Back Row - K Grunseid, M A Lusby, M F Johnson, G F Ryand, D C Moore, C W Atkins, R T Davy, R C Bellairs, G P Rawding, A Colston, P M Ding, A N Downing, M S Jones. Front Row - V D Green, S Shaw, C Bullock, P E Darvill, V Pike, G T Pridmore, T Danks, B E Wilson, M Platt, H L Reed, P F Clark.
PARISH COUNCIL AT 30TH APRIL 1994: Back Row - S Shaw, K Grundseid, V D Green, A N Downing Front Row - T Danks, B E Wilson (Clerk to PC), A Colston

The following pages are what were created as part of the Centenary Celebrations and were displayed in the Village Hall Exhibition.


1987   September     Parish council notified by Parochial Church Council that churchyard is

                                    to close

1988                           Search for a site for a cemetery

1989   January         Lord & Lady Brassey offer a plot on a field at the end of Orchard Lane.

            February        Outline planning application made

            March             Outline planning permission granted

1990   March             Plans produced and a budget for work was set

            May                Application made to Public Works Loan Board for finance to cover works

1991   January         Invitations to tender sent out

            March           Tenders from local companies received and evaluated

           July                 Purchase of land completed

           August           Construction work commenced

          September     Construction work completed

          October 13th Consecration of part of new cemetery by the Bishop of Peterborough

From the day the Parish Council were notified of the churchyard closure to the consecration of the new cemetery was four years.  For more detailed information regarding the construction of the new cemetery please go to the appropriate page with the link.


Consecration of land in the cemetery
To consecrate the land the Bishop and his entourage had to walk the perimeter of the area allocated within the cemetery and say a prayer of dedication at each corner.