In September 1987, the Parochial Church Council advised the Parish Council that an application was to be made to the Department of the Environment regarding the closure of the Churchyard.  This was due to the fact that only three plots remained available for burials.  The following month a meeting took place between the Parochial Church Council and the Parish Council to discuss what action needed to be taken.

The Parish Council did not own any land within the boundaries of the village and so had to seek a suitable site within it.  NALC advised against the compulsory purchase of a site as it could prove to be expensive and protracted.  In April/May 1988 sites owned by the Church Commissioners were identified with a view to obtaining a site.  A site was identified opposite the Southwick junction which the CC agreed to sell.

In July 1988 the DoE granted an order in Council for the closure of the Churchyard subject to the three remaining burial spaces being used.  In October/November 1988 a provisional planning application was made to the District Council but objections were raised by the County Council and residents regarding the distance from the village.  The PC was advised to look for a site nearer to the village.  In January 1989 an approach was made to Lord & Lady Brassey, and they kindly offered a site in the field at the North West end of the village.  Between February and May 1990 outline planning permission was granted and a budget set for the work required. The remainder of the year was taken up with an application to the Public Works Loan Board for finance for the work and architectural work to obtain full planning permission.  January to March 1991 tenders were sent out and evaluated.  It was decided that as many local companies as possible should be used.  These were:-

Architect Colin Moore
Preparation of land John Pike
Builder L A Webster
Gates and Railings Fotheringhay Forge
Fencing John Bradley

In July 1991, the purchase of the land was finalised and construction work commenced in August 1991.  It was completed in September 1991.

On the 13th October part of the land was consecrated by the Bishop of Peterborough, the Right Reverend William (Bill) Westwood followed by afternoon tea in the Church.

From the day that the Parish Council was advised of the closure of the Churchyard to the Day of Consecration was just four years.


Bishop of Peterborough, Churchwarden: Geoff Harris, PC Chaiman: Trevor Danks and members of the village.
Nina Needs (PC), Andrew Downing (PC), Bridget Wilson (Parish Clerk), Bishop, Trevor Danks (PC), Revd Chris Pearson, Stuart Shaw (PC).
Dawn & helper serving tea to Bishop of Peterborough