Woodnewton Through Time

A brief, and by no means comprehensive account of the evolution of the area of land by the banks of the Willow Brook that has developed into the village and community of Woodnewton as we know it in the early 21st century.
In a paper written in 2000 CE, which formed part of the time capsule buried in the village playing fields, Woodnewton is described as “…. a modest village” – modest as defined by the terms reserved and shy. That paper was produced by an earlier incarnation of the Woodnewton Local History Group and reflects the fact that there is very little documentary evidence that the village existed prior to the Battle of Hastings. There is no doubt that it did exist earlier than 1066 CE, but for how long before that date is not known for sure. Its name itself indicates that it is a relatively recent settlement among longer-established villages – a literal translation of Woodnewton being the “new settlement in the wood”.   
For ease of access and reflecting the availability of information, this account is divided into four periods of history. These are c1600 BCE to 1066 CE (which is further divided into 1600 BCE to 44 CE, 44 CE to 410 CE, and 410 CE to 1066 CE), 1066 CE to the early 17th Century, 17th and 18th Centuries , and 19th and 20th Centuries.